To be a leading consultancy group in Foresight and forward looking strategic planning utilizing insights from societal and technological developments

Our Team

The Future Insight Research Security, Society and Technology (FIRS2T) group is a consortium of researchers from different disciplines carrying out interdisciplinary research and studies.

FIRS2T members bring with them their long experience in international research partnerships including the EU framework program, NATO science for peace and security (SPS) program, the European Parliament and alike.

This experience includes coordination of EU projects, leading of NATO workshops and leading of various working programs in EU research projects. Members of FIRS2T Group are partners in the MILLENIUM project and in the World Energy Congress.

The group has been a partner in the EU PAGE consortium and participates in a consulting consortium working with the European Parliament. The group cooperated in the GRUNDVIG program in developing training programs for retired people.


Studies focus on policy topics, security, environment and energy, science and technology policy, and knowledge management for the purpose of transforming organizations into learning organizations and for facilitating innovation.

Key considerations in our strategic thinking are developments stemming from new and future technologies which will have a critical impact on the future of our society.

In that context FIRS2T group works alongside its clients and partners to help achieve their objectives using updated foresight methods, assessment of emerging technologies, knowledge management and supporting decision makers utilizing experience in foresight processes and in different societal issues.

Special activity of FIRS2T is its services and cooperation with municipalities in fields of importance to their citizens. Studies include security assessment, services to the elderly, urban planning and environmental issues and more.

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Our Expertise
New Publications

Peperhove, R., Steinmuller, K., Dienel, H-L. (Eds) (2019) “Envisioning Uncertain Futures – Scenarios as a Tool in Security, Privacy and Mobility Research” Zukunft und Forschung ISBN 978-3-658-25073-7, ISBN 978-3-658-25074-4 (eBook), Library of Congress Control Number: 2018966708

Gordon, Sharan, Florescu, " Potential measures for the pre-detection of terrorism", TFSC May 2017


Tzadik E. (2013).  Where Common Defines Differences: Experiences of Israeli and Jewish Women Living in Brussels in: Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity. Edited by Daniel Boswell, Roger O’Shea and Efrat Tzadik. ISBN: 978-1-84888-159-4 File type: eBook: pdf


Rony Dayan, Peter Heisig, Florinda Matos, (2017) "Knowledge management as a factor for the formulation and implementation of organization strategy", Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 21 Issue: 2

Dayan, R., (2012) 'The Semantics of Project Knowledge Management', The International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 1-18.


Theodore J. Gordon, Elizabeth Florescu, Jerome C. Glenn, and Yair Sharan (Eds) (2017) "Identification of Potential Terrorists and Adversary Planning: Emerging Technologies and New Counter-Terror Strategies", ISBN 978-1-61499-747-4. 

Can be ordered from IOS Press or Individual chapters from

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